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After my dad passed away it inspired me to collaborate with fellow artists and friends and together we created the “Broken Arts Society” in 2011. This allowed local artists to display and sell their work for the community in a professional setting. One of my duties was to organize the exhibitions and make sure all artists work was highlighted and shown off in the best light for viewers.

That was followed with two years as part of the working team at “Alternative Artz” in Blackpool, England. This was a unique place where my work was displayed in the store for easy access and viewing/buying for tourists and local residents.

Branching out on my own has been the most exhilarating process to date. My work is available across the globe in select shops and can be found online. While this accomplishment is a milestone in my career as an artist, it has not stopped me from continuing my education in order to broaden and expand my skill in different mediums.

One of my greatest strengths as an artist is to produce work that brings clients vision and idea’s to life. The balance that I strive for in my work is not only to make the client happy but to also be proud of my work and that when people see anything I have made my distinctive signature can be easily recognized. The imagination has no boundaries.

My interest in creating began as soon as I could pick up crayons and scribble my ideas onto a blank piece of canvas whether it was a piece of paper or a wall. I needed to create and express myself and drawing was a way for me to entertain myself and beat boredom. I have been selling commissioned artwork for over 20 years.

My first official award was in the Blackpool Fylde. All the junior schools in the area competed and I received the Junior Award Best Artist. After graduating high school, I received my media make-up diploma and then went on to get my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. This allowed me to expand my knowledge and appreciation of all forms of art whether it is realism, expressionistic or surrealism.

Artist’s such as comic book illustrator Simon Bisley and fantasy artists: Christos Archilleos, Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo were early influences. Other‘s with a surreal style include: H.R. Giger and Salvador Dahli and more recent emerging artist Glenn Brown. In Make- Up and Special Effects: Dick Smith, Tom Savini, and Stan Winston. These are just a small amount of artists that I gather inspiration from.

My number one influence in life would be my father, Andy Susel, founder of “ Inspirit-Art”. He was a commissioned based local artist of Blackpool, England; who produced realistic artwork specializing in Native American Indian art and household pets. Some of my fondest memories were of him and I having art exhibitions together.

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